Monday, January 30, 2012

Mother/ Daughter Day

So it's just one of the months where everything seems to be happening all at the same time! I was gone for two three-day weekends in a ROW! So by the end of all that my daughter was REALLY needing some mommy time! Which wasn't that hard to oblige her with! Since we are both off on Fridays I told her at the beginning of the week that Friday was girls day! I built it up all week, reminding her and telling her I had a surprise for what we would do that day. I came up with a Photo Scavenger Hunt!

The idea was this: Everywhere we went that day and everything we did - she had a checklist that she had to complete of items to take a picture of!

So for example - our first stop was Hobby Lobby. I needed a couple things and she actually enjoys shopping with me so on her checklist for Hobby Lobby were the following things:

1. Something made of glass
2. Something made of wood
3. A decorative basket
4. A mirror

I think that store was definitely the easiest because I mean holy cow the options are endless!!
We continued on with where we went for lunch included things such as a napkin, a ketchup packet (she wanted Chic-Fil-A) and someone else's shoe! A stop at the frozen yogurt store had items such as sprinkles, a plastic spoon and her finished frozen yogurt creation!
It went on a on because we had QUITE the full schedule for our day but I successfully wore her out (and me too in the process) and she was SO thankful for our day together! It was so fun and it's so important to take those moments to set aside time, yes even whole days, to just devote to your son or daughter. Would you like to see a couple of her pictures?? hehe...okay.

(picture taken in Hobby Lobby)

(picture taken in Tutti Frutti)

Don't you just love how I modeled her plastic spoon for her??! The day was so fun - try it with your baby girl (or boy)!


Mima siesta said...

What a creative, fun idea! Bravo to you for taking the moments while she is young to build in that sense of pride in the special bond mothers and daughters can share. The photos make me feel as if I was there too, so colorful and just fun loving. Hmmm, could be a book in the making!