Friday, April 13, 2012

My first try at Senior Portraits

My hobby turned wild has caught a small fraction of attention on my Facebook. As a result a teenager from our previous youth group sent me a text asking if I'd take her Senior Pictures for her. Oh my. Are you for real?? You want me to take pictures for something that really MATTERS?!?!? Like this wouldn't be considered me just snapping a million photos like I always do and somehow getting some good ones amongst those?! Oh my. Well okay. I will, but just because you are one of my "girls". (I'm quite fond of my youth group kiddos ya know) So thus began my first try at Senior Portraits.

My opinion of showing a person in their real self is to take natural pictures - ones that you don't look like a stiff board and twisted in some weird way that no human being would really sit like that! You know what I mean. So here is a handful of my results from that long nerve-racking afternoon: