Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter at our house

We could just stop after that photo couldn't we? I did it to be mean. You know good and well the recipe for that is coming at the end of this post but you also know it can't be that easy. You have to sit here and endure the long drawn out recap of our Easter weekend first.

Not really.

But I DO want to focus on the REAL importance and meaning of Easter first before getting to the food. We don't celebrate the Easter bunny at my house. We celebrate the real reason for Easter and the reason this holiday came to be - and that is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! If not for his sacrifice and conquering power over death we couldn't live with the hope and joy and peace that we do.

And since photos speak a million words - here's how I explain the "joy" part that God has given to me...

Family. That about sums up my joy. (smile and far off stare)
I saw one of the cutest pics today that someone had posted on Facebook where a guy and girl were kissing. The guy held a sign that said "I stole her heart". And the girl held a sign that said "So I stole his name." My husband informed me that it was so last year (or whenever) but I thought it was adorable! Anyways I'm getting sidetracked. Recipe. Food. Focus.
Okay so the wonderful dessert you saw pictured above was a total mistake! I had set out to make an angel food cake ROLL. And as you can tell it is NOT a roll but a layered cake. Since I had never made angel food cake and I have made TONS of pumpkin rolls I read through the directions quite quickly and plopped that dough into a 9x13 pan covered with parchment paper. Yes. Yes I did. Anyone who has ever made angel food cake before is gasping right here saying "No she didn't!" But I did. And in case you are the innocent out there who, like me, has never worked with angel food cake, it rises. No that doesn't even begin to explain what it does. It TRIPLES in size!!
So after glancing in my oven and seeing this phenomenon take place I knew instantly I needed a back up plan. When it came out it was SO thick and HIGH that I made an easy decision. Slice this sucker in half and make it a cake!
So there is the first step to my dessert. Bake an angel food cake in a 9x13 pan covered in parchment paper. When it comes out flip it over onto cooling rack. Once cool slice it in half. If at this step you're not sure what direction you cut the cake in half then please refer to the photo and figure it out. If you still can't figure it out, put the knife down slowly and walk away from the kitchen!
On the top of the bottom layer spread a thing coat of strawberry ice cream topping. Next, mix 8 oz cream cheese and 2 cups of Light Cool Whip in a bowl until well mixed. Spread this cool whip mixture on top of ice cream topping. Place the top layer back on and then cover the whole cake in whipped cream! And that's it!
Note: It is easier to cut through and eat after it's been refrigerated a day. Just a thought!