Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day kid's craft

 If you are looking for a quick and cute Mother's Day Gift here is a simple and cheap craft your child can do (with a little help from you depending on age)! Simply make a hand print on a terracotta pot using acrylic craft paint. Brighter colors tend to look better, or at least not a color in the same family as the red/brown because I tried a pretty cherry red (pictured below) and I didn't like it as well as the bright yellow you see above. But it's up to you of course.

Next take a Terracotta paint pen (sold at craft stores such as Michael's) or a paint brush and more acrylic paint and write the child's name on the rim of your pot.

I decorated the rest with dot decorations using the terracotta paint pens and they turned out so cute, simple and something any mommy would love. Then plant a flower! We chose Marigold's because there was this adorable Mother's Day poem that went with them and sadly I can't find it anywhere so it's not in this post :( However if I find it later I'll come back and add it in.
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!