Saturday, December 1, 2012

A few good Christmas blog posts I've stumbled across...

I was supposed to be taking family photos for some friends of mine today but plans got changed so I'm home with no schedule planned. I particularly like days like that! Christmas cheer is everywhere and I myself will be crafting and baking today because it sounds like the perfect way to start December don't you think? I accidentally gathered some awesome and cute ideas and thought I would share them with you. Because let's face it we all love a little fellow blog love.

1. Cookies - it had to be first on my list! These are White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod. I know I share a lot of recipes from them but my goodness they just HAVE so many good ones! Plus it combines my two absolute favorites: peppermint and white chocolate! Just click here for a direct link.

2. Chalkboard Art - These chalkboard creations are SO chic and they are free to print or download (for personal use only). I love black and white stuff so I'm definitely printing these and either framing them or decoupaging them onto canvas??? Hmmm....what to do with them?

3. Crazy Christmas Tree - Okay this one is slightly weird and a little off the norm of what I post but this is really cool! Had to share it, click here for link.

4. Children's Advent Calender - This simplistic printable looks like a lot of fun for kids and adults alike and will help keep your focus on what is really important this holiday season! Click here for link.

That's all for now I've been staring at my #1 COOKIES and I'm really craving those peppermint ones so I think I will go make some. Yes, right now! See you after my sweet tooth is satisfied!


Diwakar said...

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