Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: Full Disclosure

A handsome FBI Special Agent gentleman meets a beautiful confident woman that knows how to tell a story. And he's a good listener! She first appears as a local small town cop - you know the kind - where she comprises the whole staff! However she walks down the hall and casually says hello to a U.S. Marshall, happens to be the Midwest Homicide Investigator and, what?! she knows the previous Vice not just knows but is a close friend!??! Who is she? Who is Ann Silver? That is certainly what Paul wants to know ever since she captivated his attention. There are surprises popping up constantly with this one but she doesn't just have surprises, she has secrets.
This book is an amazing read and one that provides a great twist and crazy turn of events! It really leaves you wondering and asking out loud - who is she??!
In case you didn't figure out by now, I highly recommend this book as a great read! Not only will your curiosity be held but it intertwines Christ so easily into it that it just makes it all the more sweet. If you are like me and FINALLY have a little time off this holiday season, give this Dee Henderson new release a try. I doubt you'll regret it.