Saturday, June 29, 2013


So this is where I have been recently...

Yep, selling my house. I'm so glad the sorting, the organizing, the donating, the packing, the taping...ooooh the screechy loud over with! But that last day when I had to shut the door on my completely empty house and know as soon as it did shut that I would never again open it - it hit me pretty hard. It's the only house my babies have known and was technically my husband and I's first house.

But another chapter of our lives is calling and I have no regrets and no doubts about where God is taking us. Now we play the waiting game to close on the other house but with my parents in an extremely nice apartment complex with two pools - one resort style, basketball courts, movie theatre room, full workout room along with a cappuccino machine that anyone can use anytime, this batchin' it ain't bad!

And yes I've been in Texas long enough that I use the word ain't. Don't tell my dad. He would be correcting my English right now and I'm family so it's out loud not in his head :) .

Hopefully I can manage to ACTUALLY make some blog posts while I wait on my new home!