Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So I'm sure you are expecting me to tell you a heartfelt experience or sight I saw that rocked my world and brought me to tears and come on hear and gush my story, but nope. This title applies to me! But no, not in the dirty standing on the street corner type! You see the last post was about how we finally sold our house and were so excited knowing it was only a few weeks from a new place and a new beginning but alas as any of you who have undertaken the loan process and title companies and blah blah blah...can relate to us in that 5 and half weeks later we are still...homeless.

It has been very trying on my patience and very stressful as we email back and forth a million times trying to jump every hoop that people keep putting in front of us. I had this great dream of getting the house, painting the rooms I wanted painted and setting my kids rooms completely up so when they return from time with Granddad (which has been a saving grace through this process) they can walk into normalcy again. But nope. Not gonna get that either.

All these trials though God has constantly been reminding me to trust Him. Just trust Him. God has proven Himself to me time and time again and why start doubting now? It would be dumb and pointless. So I wait. And trust. And do as many errands humanly possible to occupy my time and mind so worry and anxiety can't squeeze it's ugly head in the door!

The main thing I have reflected on throughout this process has been family though. How many people can stay in a two bedroom apartment with their parents and never fight or get on each other's nerves OR even be offered to stay that long in the first place!! I am so incredibly thankful for my family and never take for granted the great relationships we all have and the love and care we have for each other. It is amazing and rare and I do not take it lightly. I love my family :).

And if you need encouragement like I did today may I suggest what I did? Put some ear buds in and crank up Jason Castro's "Only a Mountain". And if you really feel froggy post a blog entry just to get it all off your chest! Hehe. <3 p="">