Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Minute DIY Fall Decoration

A couple weeks ago we had our first SORT OF cold day (we're in Texas so cold is used lightly here) and so it have me the fall bug!! I baked Two Peas in a Pod's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and made a 10 minute DIY mantel decoration! 

At Michael's I had picked up a white craft pumpkin that was 50% off and on this said Saturday googled monogrammed "M"'s. In case you don't know it's our last name initial! I found a simple one I could re-create, got me a Sharpie and drew it on one side of my pumpkin. 

Next I sent my kids out and told them to find me sticks! They ran all over the yard and created a pile ranging from logs to minuscule pieces of branches. I picked some good clean ones that were all similar in size and stuck them in a glass vase. Next I snipped off a lower limb of a maple tree that had some beautiful red leaves on it. Stuck that limb in the center of my arrangement and plopped both up on my mantel by each other! And bam! In ten minutes I had a masterpiece! 

Okay maybe not a masterpiece, but it looks pretty doesn't it?! And for a very busy mom, it was perfect and very doable. The kids even helped so I get extra points for that right?