Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Makin' a Comeback!!

So who from the 80's remembers these things...

Yes, you are seeing right, that is a crimping iron my friends!! And yes I still have it and yes it still works! The school I work at is having its Red Ribbon Week this week and today was Crazy Hair Day. Thus the need for a revival of such a great styling tool! So yes, I crimped my hair in 2013:

But you know what? I actually LOVE my hair like this!! Haha, who knew right?!

I'm not scared of new and perhaps weird and so I embraced the big and out of control and loved every minute of it! I mean for real, I may be dillusional but I think I look good with my white girl attempt at an afro: 

And leave it to me to play with photo filters all day long...

But seriously is anyone with me in bringing back this iconic 80's "do"??? 

No. Well, okay I'll enjoy my hair today then and do it again next year. 😉📆