Thursday, November 21, 2013

Do you notice something??

Do you notice something different?!?! Perhaps at the bottom of all my posts? Like a BUTTON!! Haven't got it yet???? A "Pin It" button!! YAY!! I've only been trying to figure this out for well...a few DAYS!! All the posts on HOW TO were outdated for the old blogger interface and plus they talk like they think I know what all that HTML code is and how it works!

Well news flash...I DON'T! But lo and behold I finally found a wonderful blogger that made my life simple. Well at least as simple as HTML gets!

And I will add in my little tip that made it take so long:

When you open up that big long box of HTML and scratch your head because you can't find the class: post footer or however you write it look on the left side of the box and there may be little black triangles. These triangles shorten the HTML codes under each section. So click the triangles to expand it or figure out where the "EXPAND WIDGETS" button is...because I couldn't, lol.

You can find the "Pin It" button how to post at Julie Ann Art blog. Just click here for quick access.