Monday, October 6, 2008

Coupons For Troops

Hey I just stumbled into a GREAT opportunity to help military families who are overseas! If you have coupons laying around that are now out of date DO NOT throw them away! Check out this cool alternative that only costs you a stamp! Go to Coupons for Troops or just click on the title of this post to check it out!


Civilla said...

Thanks for coming to my blog. I "blog hop" a lot and click on the names in the comments section to see what other women's blogs are like! I have met a lot of wonderful women that way. My husband and I attended Abilene Christian University back in the
'70's. Actually, we have lived in Texas four times: once in the Army (Ft. Hood), once for college (Abilene), once in the Air Force (Wichita Falls) and once when we started an independent pentecostal church (Tyler). My husband is retired from the military and is now a Baptist pastor.
Yes, we need purity for our girls. Nearly every girl in our tiny mid-western town has gotten pregnant out of wedlock. I'm glad that girls today at least get to keep their babies. It was too sad the other way, but maybe the babies were better off? Who knows. They always come looking for their biological mothers, though. Maybe today's open adoptions are a viable choice.
Too long of a blog! Sorry. Oh, yes, military people can use those outdated coupons. We used to use them!

poison_ivy777 said...

Well it is very nice to unofficially meet you. I am fairly new to blogland and have just now gotten where I can roam around and find other people to connect with.