Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fruit Fly Be-Gone!

I keep my bible on my end table right next to the lamp so I can get up in the mornings before my children wake up and spend time with God. Well my daughter found it this afternoon and started taking out all the papers tucked into a pocket on the front of my bible cover. She had successfully torn every single thing out of it before I found her and so when I went to put them back decided I should sift through everything to perhaps lighten the load a little.

I came across children's church sign-in's, a drawing a little girl had made me during church the other day, another drawing - this one by my son, and a recipe for how to get rid of fruit flies. Yes that is right, in my bible cover I had this recipe and then remembered I was supposed to have given that to my friend Melanie at church on Sunday. I had completely forgot for like the third time and then as I went about my day thought well I could just email it to her and then my mind kept going and thought, "ya know everyone always complains about the fruit flies being in their houses around here and when I say I have something that easily kills them they all light up with joy and amazement!

So I figure it must not be common knowledge and so I decided I should share the recipe I found shortly after moving here and needing to do some research to help with new problems I encountered that I wasn't used to! So yes I found it and it works WONDERFUL and is super easy! If you have problems with fruit flies, here is your answer:

Fruit Fly Be-Gone (my own name, lol)

1/2 Qt. water (2 cups)
2 Tbls. sugar
2 Tbls. white vinegar
couple drops of liquid dish soap

Mix all of these together and place in any open jar, cup, or bowl and leave out on counter wherever fruit flies are prominent.

The flies attract to this mixture and you cna easily kill 50-100 bugs in as little as a week! Hope this helps!


Civilla said...

Oooh! I'm going to remember that. I left a reply to your comment on my blog. Will try to write some more '50's stuff tomorrow. I teach a "Beth Moore" Bible Study at our church tomorrow, too. We recently got voted in to this little Baptist church a couple of months ago. Really love it. It is 28 miles away from our house, in the little town in which our younger son attends college. Fun!

poison_ivy777 said...

How neat! Which Beth Moore study are you doing I ahve done or taught several and truly enjoy them! And may I ask what you mean by voted into a church? Did your husband recently change positions is that what you mean? Just wondering.