Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Adventures!

Life has sure been crazy this last week or two and I feel the pull of "holiday season" setting in and upping the chaos and busyness! However I must take a minute to tell you about two great adventures I had last week! The first one I will describe today and the next one in a few days (I'm trying to find the cord to upload pics of the 2nd one and you will see why the pics are SO important!) So Adventure #1 begins Sunday before last...

A good friend of mine was talking to me after church on Sunday and then asked if my husband still had Thursdays off. I looked puzzled and said well yes why? She then slipped a $20 bill in my hand and said good then here is money for you and your husband to go to "Fireproof" in the theatres on Thursday and I am going to come over and watch your kids for you! I was like WOW really? I thanked her very much and promised to call and set up the details once I found out the show times.

So Thursday rolled around and she was to come around 11:00 AM and I had packed a sack lunch for Nick and I that we would eat at a nearby park and maybe play Frisbee or fish and then head over to the movie. We had never been to the Tinseltown theatre over in The Woodlands so decided it would be a good time to try it and so not knowing the area well just looked up parks in the area. So anyways she called and said she was stuck in traffic and ended up being a little late which meant we had to hurry to the park. Well we get down there and end up playing the "do we turn here, what street are we looking for, and where is this park supposed to be? We went to turn around in a business and noticed a dirt trail off the sidewalk going into the woods (it is called "The Woodlands for a reason!). So we parked at this business and took off on the trail. We came to a quaint little bridge with water running out to a big pond that had a fountain shooting up probably 30 feet in the air! We continued and found the park with playground, skate park, another pond and fountain, a gazebo, and an awesome wood swing to sit on...all hidden in their own opening of trees. In other words you couldn't see any of the other things from one spot you had to take another trail to get to something else in the park! Very cool and so different from what I grew up around...FLAT as far as the eye can see with few trees in between! (New Mexico desert) so anyways we sat down and ate our lunch on a bench and I noticed some beautifully vibrant bright purple berries on the bush next to us! And yes I took pictures but have lost the connection cord to get them off so will upload them when I find it!

It was already time for the movie so we headed off and watched a GREAT film!!! It is the same people that did "Facing the Giants". This one was Fireproofing your marriage and my husband talked to the firefighters in our church and said it was the most accurate movie as far as firefighting goes. All the firefighting scenes, training and all were completely accurate! And yes we BOTH cried! I remember at the end it flashed a verse on the screen and I just whispered to Nick, "That is SO cool to see a verse on the big screen at a movie theatre!" We loved the movie. You MUST GO SEE IT!! And then let me know what you thought of it!

However now we had been cut short on park time so I quickly texted my friend and asked if she would allow us one more hour to go back to the park. She gladly agreed and she was having a blast with my kiddos and so we headed back to the park. Oh actually I lied before we went to the park, we walked the waterway. When we parked I noticed we were in "Waterway Square" and with a quick glance down the block found the waterway so we took a stroll hand in hand down the water first. There were small shad in the water that as soon as they saw you walking would come gather up in a massive herd and just stare at you waiting for food. Nick started spitting in the water laughing every time they jumped at it! I know cruel.

Anyways back at the park, Nick started fishing and I walked around, camera in hand and took in the bright purple berries, saw a catfish swim across a glimmer of sunlight on the pond, sat in the bench agreeing I would MAKE Nick come back here with me and noticed sitting there that the trees had bent over and made a perfect arch just like at a wedding! Two really cool things about this park were that there were squirrels everywhere and if you weren't talking as you walked the paths it felt like someone was stalking you in the woods because every few steps you'd hear "crack, hustle, swoosh" as the squirrels would scurry. The other neat thing was that over by the gazebo there were cardinals everywhere! Every time you walked by you could see at least three swooping from this branch to that! They were beautiful. I then came back sat on the bench and ate a snack and watched my hubby almost catch a turtle!

I know he loves me fishing with him and I enjoy it also so I then finally took up my pole and fished. We fished both ponds, eventually made it to the swing and then after a potty break headed back home!

It was a beautiful day and such a relaxing escape from the world!

Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of my blog to check out the movie "Fireproof". Oh and by the way we are planning on continuing the chain of giving someone 20 bucks to go see it, we have already picked which one of our friends we will do it too! Start your own chain!