Saturday, November 8, 2008

Craftiness and just plain fun!

It seems as holidays are fast approaching and as the weather is cooling I have found myself doing more crafting, baking, and just interesting things with my kids! So I have decided I would like to do a short series on a few crafts/ideas/recipes I have tried lately - one being the Halloween costumes I promised I would explain.

So my first one is a short and simple idea (since I don't have much time) of which no credit can be given to myself. My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, gave me this idea when she was here a couple months ago. She was going into our bathroom and of course I started explaining away my bedroom because I am changing the decor but don't have the mula to do it all in one bang and so half our room is Americana and the other is more modern black and red color scheme. Those two don't exactly mix. I was saying something about my blue curtains and how it would be awhile before I could buy new ones and she said well do you not like these curtains or is it just the color. I had no clue where she was going with the question but said, "no the curtains are just fine but I need black." And she wisely responded, "Why don't you just dye them black instead of buying whole new curtains."

Talk about feeling stupid (not Elizabeth's point) but I just thought to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?!!" So Elizabeth you will be happy to know I have bought the dye and will be dyeing them tonight! I got some practice on my son's Halloween costume and am prepared to do an excellent job now!

So no step by step for this project but just an idea - if you are changing decor and are okay with something currently there but need a new color just buy a $2-$3 box of Dye at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and voila! New Curtains! or pillowcases, or whatever you desire!

I will give a couple tips before you start though in case you have never done dyeing before:
1. Make sure you have 30 minutes to sit or stand still and stir your mixture constantly!
2. Wear rubber gloves and an apron or clothes you do not care about (even when you are careful splashes do happen!)
3. Make sure your washer and dryer is empty because you will need to wash them when you are done.
4. If you are going from a dark to a light color buy the Color Out box and do that one first.
5. And don't forget the salt!!

Have fun!


Brandi said...

Oooh, great idea...I will definitely use this! Can't wait to see some of your other "crafty" ideas!


poison_ivy777 said...

Thank you sorry it got delayed for a lil bit but I will have my second craft by the end of the day!