Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Wedding Dream Come True...

If anyone remember reading about my adventure to Tuscon Arizona and staying at the Westin for a friend's wedding I said I would post pictures from the wedding when I finally received them! It's been awhile but yes I just got them last night in the mail from my dad. They are only pictures from the reception since my dad didn't want to distract during the ceremony but I have ordered a couple pics from the photographer and man alive is this guy good! If you are into photography you MUST check out his website and his pictures!! He has won NUMEROUS national awards for photography. His name is Patrick Grimes and his business is of course "Patrick Grimes Photography". Just click on his name for his site and to view his work! You will not be disappointed I promise!

Table decorations at reception - and this was after dinner and dessert so imagine it with clean dishes, sparkling silverware and silk hot pink napkins folded neatly beside each plate! Outside the reception before everyone could come in they served cactus tea and water and some appetizers. There was a main table with the table numbers and every one's individual name cards of where they were to sit. I had saved mine to scrapbook but the hurried waiters took it up while I was dancing!!
Bride and Groom Dancin' the night away...
This is me on the left with the bride and my best friend
since Jr. High (but known her my whole life), Jaci
Gary and Sandy - the parents of the Bride and practically
2nd parents to me! I love these two!
My mommy and Sandy - friends (but more like sisters)
Three Amigas:
Last Dance: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours!!!