Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture Princess

My Picture Princess

My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, over at "Life as we live it" blog introduced me to Shabby Apple - a modest and feminine clothing line. I was looking through their new spring line the other day and noticed an ad for "Picture Princess" and had to check it out. They are seeking the next little girl to feature their summer line of Little Girls dresses and thus this post!

Why my daughter is a Picture Princess:

My daughter has captured my heart from the moment she was born and inherited both Nick and I's love for the camera! She is always showing off giving us something to take a picture of! And of course she wants to see every single one you take of her! She has a great spirit about her and loves being outside and picking flowers or playing with her new puppy! She is an easy going baby and is ready for any new adventure! Since I had a handsome son for my 1st child, this is my first little girl to dress all up and do her hair! It is so much fun and I love some of Shabby Apple's new spring dresses that they offer for girls just like my Gracious! One in particular I have my eye on, that I think would look absolutely divine on my lil picture princess is "The CANARY Dress"
(just click picture for direct link)
picture taken from: Shabby Apple.com - check it out to see more of:
Little Girls and Girls Dresses from Shabby Baby

In case you would like to check out Shabby Apple for yourself just click on the title for the link to their home page!


Biskit's Blog said...

oh my gosh- she is the cutest thing ever! i love that second picture; showing a little sass!

poison_ivy777 said...

Ahh well thank you! And yes she has some sass to her alright! lol...but then again so do I so I can't blame her! My mom's nickname for me was brat when I was little - even when she meant it endearingly!

Mima siesta said...

There is my precious granddaughter