Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Part #1

I'm sorry it took me awhile to do another post on here about Dr. Perricone's Anti-Inflammatory Diet however my Internet went on the blink for a good part of last week and so I just had to wait! Today I wanted to share the idea of anti-inflammatory and just how easy it is to follow. I will do quite a few posts about the diet and then eventually move on to the supplements and topical treatments as well. And maybe throw in a yoga post - which I have recently started doing. Yoga is a funny thing to me - I have not taken a class just read how to do the positions, and so thus far this is my summary of Yoga: You feel like you are posing weird ways and stretching with others but afterwards you feel like you just had a major workout! My muscles are sore and I FEEL what its doing for me, very crazy. And I also found I probably SHOULD take a class or get a video or something because breathing is a big part of yoga and apparently I'm not good at breathing! lol, silly as it sounds it's true!

Okay anyways, this is NOT the yoga post so....

First I will start with the argument most have that diet doesn't effect acne. Where did this come from? Well a group of dermatologists got together 2 groups of teenagers. One group was given candy bars with high amounts of chocolate. The other group was given candy bars with high amounts of vegetable oils. Okay even for a non-scientist do you see the flaws in this study?

1. We have no clue what their diets consisted of before OR during the study besides these candy bars.
2. They were already suffering from acne - so it still isn't an accurate reading on how acne is CAUSED.

How in the world with JUST those two flaws can this be considered a controlled study?

Okay so apparently that saying isn't from the most reliable source. With that being said, "inflammation is at the basis of many diverse disease processes in the body, ranging from cancer to heart disease, acne to Alzheimer's, diabetes to the aging process in general." When Dr. Perricone is referring to inflammation he means it in the entire spectrum of it - such as not just the kind we can see with our eyes but cellular and molecular also. Although it can't be seen inflammation is working in our cells every day damaging our vital organs which results in things such as disease and aging. Perricone found this in school while looking through a microscope viewing cells with various forms of disease or age - yet young disease free skin had no inflammation present. He knew there had to be something there!

Perricone later became fascinated with nutrition and studying some nontraditional nutritionists and following their recommendations found he had incredible increase in energy, his general health improved as well as his athletic performance. The best part of nutritional therapies is it treats the entire body and not just the symptoms - which always results in a much healthier patient in ALL areas. So through all this he learned the best way to control cellular inflammation is through diet.

"Most old adages have stood the test of time because they hold more than a glimmer of truth - from "fish is brain food" (one of the truest aphorisms ever spoken) to "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." "

Keep reading for more on the anti-inflammatory diet: Post #2 = "The Sugar-Inflammation Connection"

Quotes taken from Dr. Perricone in "The Acne Prescription"


lazy.jane said...

I see a lot of similarities between this diet and the blood type diet that I've been on for some time. Really, the biggest difference is that it goes further into what types of food cause inflamation to each individual blood type beyond the foods that no one should eat.

Bravo for doctors who are willing to look beyond what we assume is truth.

Yay for yoga! lol... does Nick make fun of you yet?

poison_ivy777 said...

No he doesn't!! I was even in one of my poses when he came home and walked in and he just said what are you doing...I said my yoga and he goes oh ok. AND he never even teased me about eating tofu...till I said something about him not teasing then he had to say something, lol. But no he is being VERY supportive, even eating my meals about 2-3 times a week! He's being SO sweet!

Mima siesta said...

The proof is in how it is working and it obviously makes a big difference in your skin. He has a well rounded approach with vitamins, exercise, sleep and all the other healthy ingrediants too.
May have to try his over 50 one for me and hubby.
Are surprised I posted so quickly?

poison_ivy777 said...

I am not surprised - but glad to see you are on blogging! all my hard work on creating those blogs paid off cuz you are using them!! YEA! lol...and yes he does have a well rounded program! It was fun to cheat some last week but you will be proud I am back to strict today - haven't cheated once!