Friday, April 17, 2009

Tummy Comfort Tea

This post idea came from a conversation with my mom. I was telling her that I bought this tea for my kids that is "tummy-ache" tea. Well I haven't needed it much for my kids, thankfully because they are very healthy and hardly ever sick - so I had a lot of this tea and one night my stomach turned in knots! I was bloated and feeling horrible. So I thought well I'll try this tea first before I take any meds. So I brewed me a cup and I am NOT exaggerating, by the end of the cup I was totally fine and felt better than ever! No stomach pain, bloating, nothing! It was awesome!! So whether for your kids or YOU I wanted to pass on my recommendation for this wonderful tea called "Tummy Comfort Tea"!
p.s. I found a website that has the tea for sale for only $4, the title of this post is linked to it!

AND....just to add a bit for my Anti-Inflammation Series: Green Tea is highly recommended on this diet. Pretty easy to know why - tons of antioxidants!! Which are of course anti-inflammatory. It is GREAT tea for your health and for anti-inflammation. And just as a tidbit, I was reading a magazine this last week that had facts on tea and apparently it is the most consumed beverage behind water! WOW! I surely thought this Starbucks world would have coffee as the second largest choice, but nope - tea has stood the test of time! So drink up everyone!!


Mima siesta said...

It is so much more soothing to give a sick child, friend, mother or ourselves a cup of tea and sip and soothe the aches away. I wish I liked Chamomile better. Perhaps you have to have a sick tummy to like it.