Monday, April 20, 2009

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Part #3

Okay so I'm in the car, half spaced out on what the radio is saying but can still hear it none-the-less and I'm listening to our local Christian Station, KSBJ. They are in Nashville for the Gospel Music Awards and are interviewing different Christian artists. Big Daddy Weave had just come on and they started asking him about how his diet has been going, apparently knowing he had made a commitment to lose weight this year. They ask him how it is going and what he is doing to meet his goal.

He says that he made a goal to lose 90 pounds in '09 and it all came about from one of his songs about "what if I had given everything, instead of just going through the motions." I'm sure you may have heard this song playing on the radio it is a HUGE hit right now. Anyways his weight had always been an issue and he has struggled back and forth with it so he decided he was going to finally just do it and no more going through the motions.

So to my point...they ask him if the diet has a name that he is on and he says "Well it all about removing inflammation for your body" I cocked me head, jaw dropped and my hand immediately turned up the volume to listen INTENTLY now! He went on to tell a few things e wasn't allowed to have while on the diet and it was very similar to mine. He had even gone a step further however and was excluding most dairy products and also was trying to eat everything raw - or the closest to how God created it, in his exact words.

It was so cool and apparently he has this on his website where you can sign up to be a part of making a goal for this year to be a healthier you! Participants will have healthy recipes, wellness information and even exercise tips made available to them! There is TONS of people that have posted comments on the challenge page and I only read a few and was like WOW! You gotta check it out! And if you struggle with weight - maybe consider joining the adventure, you will never regret taking better care of your body! PROMISE!! Just click here to see Big Daddy Weave's 90 in '09 Challenge! (or click on the title)

Now to add a short blib on this post ABOUT the diet since it's been awhile I've decided to give the roughest overview possible of what the don'ts are in this way of eating! (I admit the reason it's been awhile since my last post on it is because I lent the book to one of my youth and I haven't gotten it back yet - so I feel a little lost!)

- No sugar
- No starches
- No fried foods
- No breads, pastas or rice
- No potatoes, mangoes, bananas or peas
- Drink at LEAST six 8 oz. glasses f water a day! Calm down that's like 3 water bottles worth!

You may eat meats but eat mostly fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, tofu and yes you can have a little red meat (just don't overdue it!)

Wild Atlantic Salmon is one of the BEST things you can eat for your skin!

Rules for Mealtime:
1. Eat Protein FIRST!
2. Follow with deep colored veggies or fruit
3. Make sure you have a fatty acid somewhere in your meal (avocados, nuts, flax seed, salmon, etc...)

EASY WAY TO FIGURE IF IT'S SAFE: Look it up on the Glycemic Index!! If it is under 50 it is safe. Above 50 will cause inflammation. If it causes a sugar-insulin response (hope I said that right!) then it will cause inflammation. Click Here for a GREAT site to check if something is inflammatory or not!!