Monday, May 11, 2009

Life Lessons From a Puppy #2

So this one will not be long and by the picture it is pretty self-explanatory but the story is as follows:
We had spent my husband's day off fishing at a friend's pond and after having a some-what frustrating day of tangling lines and losing lures we called it a day and came home. When we got home I began dinner and Nick let the puppies inside, since it was especially hot out that day. Within a few minutes sure enough the puppy, Dakota had pooped (almost diarrhea) on the living room carpet. Now we got this puppy because I wanted her and I made Nick a deal that I would deal with all house-training which yes meant I agreed to clean all messes. At the moment I was cooking though and Nick said, "It's OK I will get it" although you could tell he wasn't thrilled with the idea.

Now to set the scene my husband has an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and he will get queasy stomached very easily! So he naturally thought of an idea to make sure he could muster through the entire mess. See below.

My son of course wanted to help "spray" (the cleaner bottle) so Daddy quickly rigged him up a bandanna too! They looked so ridiculous to me cleaning up dog doodoo that I HAD to get my camera. And thus the double duo:
So very simply my life lesson learned is: Clean up your own dang stinkin' mess! It's twice as gross for someone to have to come behind and clean up the mess YOU made!
Lol, enjoy your day! And by the way the puppy is officially housebroke now so not sure where my life lessons will come from now - guess we will see!


Elizabeth Morrison said...

Hey, I like the white drawers under the TV. Just saying.. :)

poison_ivy777 said...

Really? Well thank you but the tv and the drawers don't belong to us - they were donated for the youth building but we had to store them here until we could put them in the building - which is tommorow. So as of tommorow I regain a massive chunk of my living room! Which means I will be moving furniture around finding a new way to layout the room tommorow! I LOVE doin' that! hehe