Monday, May 4, 2009


It has become my morning routine (really since I've started my Anti-Inflammatory Diet/Lifestyle) to cook my self Old-Fashioned Oatmeal with a TBLS. of ground flax seed, an egg or omelet, and a slice of cantaloupe (or perhaps 1/2 berries instead) and I sit at my kitchen table with a clear view of my bird feeder where Cardinals frequent. To go with my wonderful and relaxing breakfast I make myself a cup of Tazo Green Tea to sip - knowing I'm filling my body full of antioxidants to fight off all the junk I've put in my body either by eating bad or stressing out. Not to mention I LOVE the flavor of it! I even order it at restaurants that have good green tea such as Shogun's. And to top it all off I always have a current book to read while I slowly eat my morning meal. Eating slow is good for digestion you know - so don't tease me for eating like a bird!

Now to the subject at hand - tea. I recently read a good post that had a recipe for truly the best Chai Tea you will ever drink! If you are a fan of Chai Tea you truly MUST try the recipe - it is claimed to be better than Starbucks! You can find it at the following blog, Tea Time. (it is linked directly to that post)

I also wanted to recommend a great website to find tea at -

It is ALL high grade quality tea and all comes loose leaf. If your mom is a fan of tea it would make a GREAT mother's day present too!

So check out and Tea Time for a great Chai Tea recipe!


Mima siesta said...

I checked out this website and am ready to order and test the quality. I was very impressed and want to try several of their varieties. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks for the great link!

poison_ivy777 said...

Which ones are you gonna try? I was going to order one or two - I'll get different ones so we can try more!