Saturday, January 15, 2011

365 of Me - Days 11-14

I have officially missed my first day of photos. I'm very sad but at the same time I was sick, felt miserable, wanted the day to end and my head to meet my bed and that's about all I was concerned with. So with that mentality I'm not surprised a picture didn't happen. However on the good side, my other photos have suddenly sparked inspiration for a couple of future posts here on the blog! So I can't wait for those! So here we go...

DAY 11


DAY 12
I wear neon socks almost everyday. It's a huge trend right now and sadly one where I thought how cute! And fun! And went to Academy and bought like 12 pair.

DAY 13

Like previously stated in a previous post I have started boot camp at Gold's Gym. This was a photo of me right before I headed out the door to the gym. This day also reminded me of a not-so-cool disease that I have. It comes and goes and always creeps up at weird times if you ask me. What is this horrid disease I have, that even my mom is wondering what in the world could this be, right now??? Hair-Boredom Disease!!! EEK! I know. It's bad. I will wake up, look in the mirror with a defeated look and then think to myself - let's try something new today. So I end with hairdo's like this one. I've included a close-up of the back of my head just so you can actually see the whole effect here.

Yep. Not only am I diseased but I have horribly sun-bleached ends!

DAY 14
This one was especially fun because this is a picture of me finding (and writing my name on the log) my very first CACHE! As in from Geo-caching!! I know most of you have no clue what I'm talking about (neither did I four days ago) but this will most definitely be on a near-future post!

Mt grip looks so strong! It's the boot camp. Uh-huh yea.