Sunday, January 30, 2011

It worked!!

So I must apologize for being absent so long but for the last week or so every time I went to upload photos my upload wouldn't work! It got very frustrating since I have limited time to blog as is. However it decided to allow me to upload a few tonight so I'll try to begin catching up! Here are some of the "365 of Me" photos:
Day 16

Cooking. Something I LOVE to do (when I want to of course)
Day 17

You will be seeing this photo in an upcoming post! I decided I loved the blueberries so much though that it had to be my picture for the day. I adore berries!
Day 18
(will have to wait until the next post - it's still on my phone, lol)
Day 19
CrossFire Youth time!!! I love our teens and especially my girls I work with! I grabbed one of them, Michaela to do a fun pose with me - we're jumping off our stage! Life must be fun! I think so anyways!

AND it won't let me upload again... I'm trying guys I promise. I guess the suspense will have to hold you for now. Until my computer works again, bye bye.