Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 of Me - Days 4, 5, & 6

Since beginning this journey of 365 of Me I have already re-learned something about myself: I am bad at remembering! It is so hard to remember to take a picture of yourself although I'm hoping after awhile it will become an easy habit. That being said on the 5th was my daughter's birthday and, as horrible as this is to admit, I still forgot to take a picture! All DAY! Mainly because her party is Saturday so I wasn't thinking about my camera yet but seriously how pathetic huh?

Okay moving on... Day 4 was a forgotten day so the picture is my legs about to climb into bed! Hehe...

(I have to add that yesterday I read a post at Pioneer Woman about converting pictures to Black and White
and so of course being inspired I had to try one today)

Day 5 was a long day being the first day back to school for my daughter and me to work. I took cupcakes to her class, ate lunch with her, treated her to Smoothie King (her choice) after school and then took my kiddos to the movie "Tangled" that evening! Phew...see why I didn't have time to remember a photo? So literally two minutes before I crawled in bed I told my husband to snap a photo of me. However since I was make-up-less by this point I had him take a picture of my hair. So yep this is what my hair looks like after being in a side braid all day long. I know you were just so curious to know right?!

Since I had done so poorly the last two days I was determined to take a picture on purpose today! So in the morning after dropping off my son at school I got my daughter and I a mid-morning snack and sat down at my favorite spot (by out kitchen window that looks right out to our lone tree in the backyard with the bird feeder in it - which is always FULL of little birds this time of year!) with my Beth Moore bible study I'm doing right now. I actually will have a post tomorrow about a cool assignment she gave us in my daily homework today! I found it pretty powerful - perhaps you will too. However this was a photo I let my daughter take all by herself.

She's pretty good huh? I think so too.