Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Memories Monday!!

I am finally back online and so excited to announce I will be having a "Christmas Memories Monday" every monday from now until Christmas! I would really like for anyone to join us and share their memories as well which would make it all the more fun!

Each week will have a new theme to share about: such as food, or traditions, or decorating. I won't tell you which week is what - you will just have to tune in to find out! I encourage you to copy and paste this into your own post and change the answers and then PLEASE leave a comment letting us know you did so we can SHARE in the memories! Thanks!! So with no further ado we will begin with what most people are beginning to do! (Yes I thought of proper order for my posts!)


1. When do you start decorating for Christmas?

I don't have a set start date but I usually get it done within a weak after Thanksgiving - the fall leaves and pumpkins have become too "last season" ya know? lol

2. Do you have a color scheme to your decorations?

I don't have particular colors I decorate with but I do stick with darker colors. I go for Forest Green and Deep Red so at least my house has some uniformity.

3. Do you have a particular collection or certain Christmas "symbol" that you favor?

I have only been married and had my own house for about 4 years but am beginning to get a nice collection of snowmen so I have adopted that as my "Christmas collection". I love the cute little snow creatures that smile at us all December long!

4. What is a decorating tradition of yours that perhaps your mom did and now you do too?

I have a quite a few actually but I will only share about a couple of them. One is that my grandma - my mom's mom - always used to hang an eucalyptus wreath up for the Christmas holidays. She loved the smell of it! I never met this grandmother of mine because she passed away shortly before I was born and I actually never knew about the tradition for years. My aunt once I was married and had my own place sent me an eucalyptus wreath for Christmas (but early of course so I could enjoy it). When I told my mom she told me the story of how they grew up with them. I loved having a connection to my grandmother - especially since I agreed the smell was wonderful! Every year my aunt (my mom's sister) has sent me and my brother eucalyptus wreaths and we hang them up - YEAR ROUND! They are so pretty and keep so good my sister-in-law and I post them with attention through December and then find another nice spot for them throughout the rest of the year! Okay that took awhile to explain so I will save the rest of my traditions (candle lights in the windows, luminarias, candy boxes in our tree etc...) for another time!

5. Where do you place your Christmas Tree?

Our tree goes in our living room, in a corner right in front of one of our windows - I leave the blinds cracked just slightly so you can see the tree and it's lights when you drive by our house! I love driving in and seeing the luminated Christmas Tree standing tall through our window!


Brandi said...

Hi Ivy! I just posted my Christmas Memories. I'm a little slow getting started with Christmas preparations this year, but at least this got me thinking about it a bit!


Norma said...

Hi Ivy! I posted Christmas Memories on my blog and gave you a shout-out. Great questions! I really enjoyed answering them. Thanks for helping everyone celebrate!