Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Memories Monday

It is bittersweet as we finish up our last week of Christmas Memories Monday and say goodbye to the year of 2008. Bitter because the fun, food and family of the Christmas season are gone for a little while again and sweet because, sorry but if like me, this year was a little on the hard side. So with no further ado...


1. If you open a gift on Christmas Eve what did you open this year?

Only our kids open a gift on Christmas Eve so my son opened a "Pablo" (from Backyardigans) stuffed animal and my daughter opened a Care Bear stuffed animal. We did however open our books for our book dinner and I got the next book in the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson a MUST READ!! the book I'm on right now is the 2nd book called, "The Guardian".

2. What time did you wake up on Christmas (or GET woken up)?

My kids are still too little to get up early. I truly thought this year would be the first for my son to wake earlier but I was wrong. They were up by about 8 AM and we slowly opened gifts until almost 11 AM! It was relaxing and fun - we played as we went!

3. What story or event will you remember from this Christmas in '08?

Honestly the one that sticks out was going to the Christmas Tree Farm. That is the first time we have ever done that and we had a BLAST! We went on a weekday because of Nick's work schedule and so we were the only ones there. It was a beautiful family outing! Not to mention the kids were SO excited and my son proudly declared after much searching - THIS is my tree I want this one. (Sadly we couldn't get that type of tree so we had to convince him otherwise but still so cute!)

4. What was the funniest thing that happened this Christmas?

This one is easy for me! I was SO excited to have my new book in this series that we all read almost all afternoon on Christmas Day. Well I got up to get something for my kids and while I was busy my mom took my book and hid it from me. I'm still distracted and she asks for a pen and paper. When I finally return to be once again engrossed by my book it is gone. When I ask my mom says I have a poem for you. A WHAT?! So she hands me this poem she had written about hiding my book with clues in the midst of the poem of course. Ah yes that's my mom - she said she hasn't been able to pester me in a LONG time and it just had built up! Oh it was NOT RIGHT!! So I searched all over until I finally found my book much to her disappointment that I did find it! Yep that's my mom and it was a good laugh for everyone that day.

5. What are you doing now - 4 days after Christmas?

We are getting ready to head to Brenham TX where we are going to take a tour of the Blue Bell Factory - and YES a sample is included at the end of the tour!! YUMMY!! We will head over, take the tour and then have some lunch and hit a few shops. On our way out there we are stopping by the church too to show my parents our new youth building. Then we will return for my mom and I to scrapbook for the third night in a row!! This has been SUCH a wonderful vacation!!

I hope yours has been too! Can't wait to hear about it and the NEW memories that were made!
Please copy and paste this into your own post, erase my answers and put your own in. And please leave a comment when you do so I may come read your memories!! Thank you to everyone who played this year!! I have so enjoyed it!