Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Memories Monday

Here we are on the second Monday of December and only 17 days left until the big day is here! Since this is the time when everyone is scurrying to shop and get cards out and just hurry up and try to get everything done before it is too late this week's "Christmas Memories" will be on little traditions - and you will figure out what I mean by little versus big traditions...


1. Does your family do some type of countdown?

Yes - we actually have two. One is similar to advent calenders I suppose - it is a multi-fold painting of Bethlehem with all the hub-bub of the night Jesus Christ was born and there are windows all over that have the numbers of the day of December. In each window is one verse from the bible that tells the story of the birth of Jesus. So by the time Christmas is here we have read the Christmas Story from Luke! The second one is a simple decoration of a wooden tree with jingle bells on it and there are red snowflakes with all the numbers on them and you just switch the snowflakes around everyday for how many days are left!

2. Where are your stockings hung?

We do not have a fireplace (and since my kids are little and I have to have them up HIGH) they hang on stocking holders on the edge of our piano - it's an upright so it works!

3. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Yes - we always have our big family dinner - typically Cherry Glazed Ham - which we call our book dinner (I WILL be doing a separate post explaining this cool tradition and it also should be featured on the "Celebrating Christmas" blog!!). We all have a wrapped book on our plates before we eat so we open our books, then my dad or my husband whoever is the oldest male in the family present reads the story of the birth of Christ (usually from Luke) and then we have a candlelit dinner. Afterwards we all load up in the car and drive around to view the awesome work of lights that all our neighbors have put up! When I was a little girl in the town I grew up in it was like 90% Hispanic culture so there was this main street in town that on Christmas Eve would double line the entire street (sidewalks, walkways, rooftops, you name it) with Luminarias! It was gorgeous and you rolled your window down - yes even in the cold - because on one house there was a live band playing Christmas music all evening long! It was SO awesome! Anyways when we would get home we would then open ONE gift to contain our over excitement of tomorrow! Then off to bed and time for mom and dad to set out all the gifts and stocking stuffers!! I can't wait!

4. Is there a certain drink that you love that you only drink this time of year?

YES! My personal favorite is hot cocoa with a scoop of Candy Cane Ice-Cream! Minty hot cocoa YUMMY! I also love the traditional eggnog and have recently discovered a pumpkin spice eggnog that is DELICIOUS! Oh and of course there is cider too!

5. What do you do for Christmas Cards?

I always try to send a Christmas Photo Greeting along with a page long year in review Merry Christmas to friends and family! And being that I love photography and scrap booking I always have fun getting the picture and cards made!

Well that is all for this week - please copy and paste into your own post and then PLEASE leave a comment so I can come read about your Christmas Memories!!


Norma said...

I posted my answers on my blog! Thanks again for a great set of questions!