Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Memories Monday

Families are arriving, yummy foods are being baked, and last minute gifts are being bought, wrapped and shipped! Are you ready? Who cares! Just celebrate Jesus this week and everything else doesn't matter THAT much anyway!!

It is the final Monday BEFORE Christmas - and we will have one more "Memories Monday" on the 29th for "after-Christmas" questions but this is the last set before the big day so enjoy!


1. Do you have your big meal on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

We have our big meal Christmas Eve. If you are a regular reader of my blog you now know this is our "Book Dinner"!

2. Is there a certain meal you always cook (with maybe changing a few sides now and then) or is it just a feast no matter what the menu?

We almost always have Cherry Glazed Ham. My mom cooked this for our meal one Christmas Eve when I was pretty little still and I loved it so much it was my young excitement that said, "THIS needs to be our Christmas meal every year!" And it has been ever since. We did make one exception last year because my sister-in-law was on a STRICT diet and exercise program and lost so much weight and was doing SO well so we didn't want to mess her up so we had Salmon for dinner - which was DELISH!! So no one minded that much!

3. Who will come, or you go see, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

My parents are arriving tomorrow sometime - they are driving as we speak and will stay throughout the Christmas holiday and New Year's. My brother was recently stationed to Fort Riley Kansas so no other family will be around. (Our family lives all over the darn U.S. continent!! lol...and none all that close to each other either!)

4. What time do your kids wake you up (or do YOU wake up if you do not have kids in the house with you)?

My kids aren't that old so they still wake up about normal time as they always do...7:30 am (or somewhere around there - it fluctuates a little) Although Tyler is finally understanding Christmas and everything so I'm nervous to see if he will wake up early for the first time...I'll let you know!

5. Do you do the Santa thing?

We really don't. We want our kids to focus on Christ - not Santa. However as they get older we will probably do similar to how my parents handled it: the first time we asked if Santa was real they told us the truth but added that is just a fun thing to do, so we still left cookies and would leave a note like: For Santa, hahaha mom and dad! And my parents always marked one package from Santa so we didn't have to ruin it for any other kids when they asked us what did you get from Santa? Lol...we could answer them but always with a grin behind our answer. We knew the truth but still had fun with it - which is how we will handle it with our kids. A fun lil thing but not to be focused on.

Okay time for you to copy this post delete my answers and add your own!! Please leave a comment if you post this on your blog so I can come visit and read your memories! Thanks for participating!!


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