Monday, February 8, 2010

Featured blog: Valentine's Crafts

I was trying to make myself wait one more day at least before doing another post because of course I have a ton of post ideas running through my head. But when I saw these cute craft ideas for kids I had to share it! If you have young kids and want to let them get creative and have a blast with your kids too visit Cassie & Co. blog for cute ideas like Number counting book and stained glass hearts!

And also since I'm on here I might as well share with you a dessert I also found blog hopping that as soon as my hubby walked in the door tonight I held my Droid phone up to him with a delectable picture of a Oreo Brownie with White Chocolate and declared "This is what I'm making for Valentine's Day!!" In case the name alone didn't get your taste buds salivating here is a picture of it:

It is from a new blog I just found tonight called "Two Peas and their Pod", a cooking blog. Check it out for numerous yummy recipes including this one!
Click HERE for the Oreo Cookie Brownie with White Chocolate recipe.


Beautiful Daughters said...

Oh my goodness my taste buds are saying you must make this! Since we are snowed in here, I think I will make it for desert or a midnight snack lol