Sunday, February 7, 2010

I met Beth Moore...

Really what else could you put for a title besides that? She has such a ministry to women that saying that alone peeks any one's interest. I mean am I right? Yesterday was her book signing in Shenandoah which just happens to be only about 20 minutes from my house. And since my friend blessed me this Tuesday by buying me her new book, "So Long Insecurity, you've been a bad friend to us" I just had to take this opportunity to go get it signed!

Knowing what it's like on bible study night I wanted to get there plenty early since she would only be there for one hour (she had another signing that same afternoon down in Houston). So I arrived about 45 minutes before the signing would begin and was actually surprised to find a small line thus far. It did grow as time went on but I have to be honest I was surprised, I was thinking like an all out mob was going to be there! But anyways, I went ahead and started reading the second chapter while standing in line. I had knocked out the intro and chapter 1 slowly through the week.

About 10 minutes till 1 they moved 30 of us inside to begin the line at the table. And shortly after we see Beth Moore walking down the aisle of Sam's Super center to come sign her little heart away. It was funny listening to the women's reactions a lot of them saying things such as "Oh my goodness there she is!!" While some remained calm I will say some were a little star struck. I have been blessed with being able to remain eye-to-eye with people no matter how big their status is. I truly see everyone as "you're just another person" granted that they may be smarter or wiser or more talented in an area than some yet they are just a person none the less.

Now don't get me wrong I get excited and even butterflies to meet certain people I esteem highly but I do not react like the poor lady in front of me that her hands were trembling out of their bones as she went up to talk to Beth. she could barely work her phone to get it to the camera setting. I had to giggle silently and thank the Lord that I had the capability to remain calm and cool around "big shots", lol. Although our pastor always says a big shot is just a little squirt under pressure!

Okay total side trail, back to the story: It was finally my turn and my friend and I who go to her Tuesday night bible study are always on the front row so we were curious if she would recognize us or not. I could tell when I went up that she did not recognize me so to give her an idea of who I was I just said my friend back there in line and I are your front row girls on Tuesday nights and I'm the one you stared at this week! Emphasis on the STARED! lol, I was slightly giggling trying to tease her but as soon as I said that her eyes got real big and she said Oh my word yes I know exactly who you are now and I MEANT to stare at you! (My mind is going what? What do you mean you MEANT to stare at me?) She said sometimes people will tell me I stared at them while speaking and I will have no earthly idea and sometimes God stirs in my heart to specifically single someone out because they really need to hear something. That's how it was Tuesday - God stirred in my heart to stare right at you during that part because you needed to hear it!

Ok wow right?! But here is the sad part my next thought in my head went exactly like this: "oh my goodness what did she say to me???? If God was trying to speak to me why can't I even remember, oh no! I've screwed up! I can't remember!!" Isn't that horrible? I can't remember. Not exactly at least I DO remember what she was talking about and the general idea of what she said but not the specifics of when she stared at me. So anyways I waited on the side until my friend made it up to the line and then we took turns getting our picture with Beth. One thing I must add in here is she is so genuine about loving women. She doesn't just do a pretty pose with her arm nicely around your back - no she wraps you up with her arms and presses her face close to yours like you are taking a picture with your BFF. It was sweet to watch. Not to mention when she first arrived you saw her talking to the Sam's workers explaining something she wanted and what does she do? After they had this adorable table with flowers, nice cushy business chairs and even a padded arm rest thing for her to sign on she had to stand beside the table and sign the books off a turned grocery cart because Beth wanted to hug everyone! LOL, isn't that great?! It was so funny and not like I know Beth or anything but isn't that just SO like her?!

It was such a sweet moment for me and a memory I will hold with me for awhile that God stirred in her heart to speak specifically to me. And dwelling on it on the way home that's when it dawned on me. If God had meant to speak a direct Word to me through her I WOULD HAVE REMEMBERED the stinkin' words! Because I am a diligent student of that I know, and I was listening intently and taking notes! I didn't miss anything so no I didn't do anything wrong. Do you know what God was wanting to speak to me? It was the simple fact that out of 2,000 women he loves me intimately and individually enough to single me out of that crowd and move Beth's heart to look at me and convey that message to me for Him. Isn't God sweet, he is the biggest romantic I know. If you're short on romance give God a shot - he is GOOD at wooing someone straight off their feet!


Sandy said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing.

Norma said...

What a sweet adventure, Ivy! I love your post on the Siestas SMT, too! Yes, I have joined in, but not as regularly as I would like. Looks like it was an amazing time!

Thinking of you as TobyMac's release date is TOMORROW!!! (Although one of my Facebook friends says he's listening to the debut NOW!) Can't wait to listen. :)

Beautiful Daughters said...

Ivy that is so great you was able to go to one of her book signings.
I cannot believe it has been a month since SMT.