Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a day

Do you ever get up and within an hour or two of JUST your morning routine you already are thinking "wow what a day..." and are so stressed that you seriously can't think straight and for that much keep things in perspective!

I had a morning like that. I woke up and my husband had a late meeting in another town so he actually had the blessing of being able to sleep in late. So I was determined to keep the kids and I quiet. Yes if you are a mother you are sitting in your chair and at that last sentence went "Oh no" in your head and half laughed because you have been there yet didn't laugh FULLY because you also have shared my pain and know it's really not funny to a mother that is IN that moment!

SO, like I said I was going to TRY to keep us quiet so he could actually sleep in and my husband completely deserved it! He has been so good to me and has spoiled me lately with taking the kids for me to attend the Beth Moore SMT Celebration, not to mention he has them every Tuesday during her bible studies from 4-10 p.m. (which includes dinner, baths and bedtime!!) He EVEN cleaned the entire house AND made a towel animal for my mom (yes like the ones you find on a cruise) and had it laying on her bed when we were coming back from the conference! Now tell me my man didn't deserve this! But yes it did NOT go as planned and I ended up gritting my teeth SO hard by the end of my morning routine I thought I could throw a baseball through a window and not care! Lol, have you ever been there?!? I KNOW I'm not alone in this. Anyways I don't need to go into details but they were the farthest thing from quiet, I was having to go in and out of my bedroom/bathroom like every 5 minutes and so thus didn't get ready on time making us a couple minutes late to my son's school that morning. We could have made it on time if I would have skipped breakfast but after my last two hours I stood in the kitchen selfishly and angry and did I mention totally in my flesh and NOT the Spirit, telling myself I deserved not to starve this morning!

We did make it to school and I remembered that Tuesdays is "Mommy and Me" time at our local Starbucks which is where they put on a Disney movie, have coloring books and books etc for the kids while you can visit with other mothers. I had asked a lady about it and she informed me no one had really been coming maybe one mom once in awhile. So I thought perfect! I will take my bills and let her play while I at least get something done and can relax with some hot green tea and not get my house messed up at the same time!

It DID help and thus I have calmed down enough to write this post yet I have had the aftermath of being so "in the flesh" this morning such as guilt and anger at myself for being so dumb this morning. My kids are 3 and 5 for pete's sake!! What do I expect out of them??? And what do we miss from God and his blessing or favor when we CHOOSE not to be in His will in that moment? Do we miss a financial breakthrough? Or perhaps blessing our husband by staying calm? Maybe even just that your face won't break out with acne because you didn't get stressed,lol!? Do I believe that God's blessing or favor leaves you because you mess up? NO! For we are redeemed and live by grace and if we repent of our sins he is able and just to forgive us. Yet do I believe that obedience is important and vital to our faith and relationship with God? Absolutely.

P.S. I want to also inform you that we have currently misplaced our Internet USB port so even though I promised you a LIST of blog posts they just so happen to not be getting done because by the time I make it to a computer to DO any posts I either 1. Don't have my pictures I need with me or 2. don't have time because I have more pressing work needing done. So know that I am TRYING to get back to regular posting but you will have to be patient with me! :) thanks!