Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shallow Depth of Field

So I admit it! I have become a Pioneer Woman junkie! But I am not ashamed. She is a mother, lover of photography and her camera, and cooking! I mean this is calling my name!! I absolutely love her blog and have entered my first photo in her most recent Photography Challenges. I have been needing to learn more about my camera and the different functions and she does a VERY good job of explaining them so her challenges did just that for me: challenged me! I'm going to be following her blog and learning all I can about my camera and photography so that hopefully by the end of 2010 I will have improved slightly!

So of course I wanted to share my first photo entry with you:

"Worn with time"
I have a FLICKR account (that is how she does her photography groups) where you can view my description of the photo if you'd like (least I think that link will work).
We are only allowed one entry per day so the piano was my first entry. But tomorrow I will be entering another fun photo:
If you'd like to read about the photography Challenge and what the goal was I encourage you to visit Pioneer Woman blog, I'm sure you will find SOMETHING there that peaks your interest!


Beautiful Daughters said...

I popped over and read her blog and loved it. Thanks so much for sharing. Your pictures are fabulous! Blessings to you.