Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Princess Cupcakes

I have a super quick moment to post one of my promised posts and actually have the pictures with me too!! Yippee!! Here are my latest "Hello Cupcake" creations! (I don't have time to inclued a link, so if looking for the Hello cupcake book just see a previous cupcake post!)

Here the kids are helping eat the MANY leftover candies that come from making cupcakes like this, as I work on the prep work of the heads and gumdrop dresses.
Here is a gumdrop dress with decorating sugar galore all rolled out and ready to cut a scalloped edge on the bottom of the dress.

Here is one of the girls in our youth group, Kaitlynn (I needed help with these!!) piping chocolate frosting curly hair on her purple princess

And the reason for all this daughter Gracie pointing out HER princess - the pink one of course!

and here are all of our colorful princesses!
I had planned on more pictures but since I'm on my husbands work computer I didn't have time to figure out how to flip the vertical pictures quickly without opening some program so sorry but at least you got to see them right?!


Mima siesta said...

These are amazing, Ivy! I cannot believe how much time you actually spent making these. It is fun to see pictures after hearing you describe them. Now, what will you do next year when she says oh so sweetly "Mommy will you make me the princess cupcakes again?" Tee Hee!